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Who are the most influential people in the United Kingdom with a disability or impairment? The truth is it’s impossible to answer that question. It’s totally subjective. However, we have attempted to get a handle on this and you are on this website as a result of our efforts.

So how did we go about it? Well first we had to put in place some criteria for entry on to such a list. That was easy as we simply borrowed it from one of our other publications, the Powerlist, which has been going for eight years now and which features 100 of the most influential black people in the UK.

So what is influence? Our definition is: ‘The ability to change lives and alter events positively, as demonstrated over a protracted period of time.’ We applied that definition to a long list of just over 200 people supplied to us by experts from a variety of sectors, whose opinion we sought.

Next we decided to workout how influential each of the people on our long list was, first in their work and secondly in anything they do outside of their work.

We chose the 130 people who scored highest on each of those measurements to give to our panel of judges. They whittled down the list to 100 and these are the people we present to you here.

We never claim to be 100 per cent correct in our choice. It’s inevitable that we have left out some people who should be on the list, but the fact is it doesn’t matter. We are producing this list of people as a group of role models who can inspire youngsters.

And that’s really all we care about.