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Martyn Sibley



Martyn is a blogger on important issues such as “independent living”, “assistive technology”,

“accessible travel” and “disability in the media”. The media and business consultant to charities, media, travel and business organisations, Martyn has spinal muscular atrophy

(SMA), a genetic disease that causes muscle weakness and progressive loss of movement. A TV and online video presenter, Martyn has been on BBC Breakfast, BBC London Inside Out, Channel 5 and writes regularly for the Guardian, The Independent, Huffington Post, BBC Ouch, Disability Now and many others. He also wrote the book Everything is Possible – a travel biography explaining his journey in overcoming life’s barriers while travelling to the US, Mexico, Europe, Japan and Australia. He co-founded Disability Horizons and Accomable which raised £300,000 in angel investment. Billed as “Airbnb for people with disabilities”, the online booking service offers more than 500 adaptive properties in over 36 countries worldwide. Accomable, which was co-founded with Martyn’s Disability Now co-founder Srin Madipalli, offers a wide range of accommodation, from cool apartments in Barcelona to country houses in the United Kingdom, and clearly lists and verifies the accessible features available, such as step-free access, roll-in showers, height adjustable beds, bathroom commodes and mobile or pool hoists to ensure users have a brilliant, stress-free holiday experience. With a degree in Economics and a masters in Marketing, Martyn has a mission to inspire, inform and change the world around disability issues.