“When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good.”

That’s the motto of Differently Enabled, one of our 2023 sponsors, who we collaborated with to host a Disability Power 100 finalist prize draw.

Differently Enabled, who make bespoke, accessible clothing, kindly offered finalists the opportunity to win a co-created outfit, and this week the three winners were announced.

Read more about the winning finalists below…

Lee Chambers

Lee is a multi award-winning entrepreneur, who was recognised in our 2023 Science and Engineering category.

In 2014, Lee lost the ability to walk due to an autoimmune illness. After relearning, he decided to use the experience as a catalyst to launch Essentialise, an innovative wellbeing and inclusion agency, and has gone on to be interviewed by Vogue, Newsweek and The Guardian. Read Lee’s full profile.

A Black man with short curly black hair, blue glasses, wearing a green jacket with a bow tie, smiling, stood against a grey background that has names written all over it

Celia Chartres-Aris

Celia is a multi-award winning campaigner, lobbyist, investor and policy designer. She’s been recognised for several years by the Disability Power 100 for her work in politics and law, and has founded several disabled-led organisations focused on the development and advancement of policy, ensuring that disabled people are at the heart of legislation. Read more about Celia.

Celia is a white female with long dark blonde hair. She is wearing a white V-neck jumper off the shoulder to display a Hickman Line on her chest. She is looking straight at the camera.

Jason Wilsher-Mills

Jason, who was recognised in our Visual Arts, Fashion and Design category, has exhibited his work around the world, including the  Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar, the Houses of Parliament, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Victoria and Albert Museum, and Folkestone Triennial. Learn more about Jason’s work.

Photo showing the artist wearing a hat, black spectacles and a beard, looking at his artwork

We look forward to seeing Lee, Celia and Jason’s outfits!