2022 Chair of Judges
Image of Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey

Expertise: Community Action – Global

Caroline is the businesswoman and activist behind The Valuable 500, the world’s largest CEO collective and business movement for disability inclusion. She launched the movement at the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit in 2019 and since then has signed up 500 multinational organisations with a combined revenue of more than $8 trillion, employing 20 million people worldwide to radically transform the business system.

Caroline sits on several diversity and inclusion boards including L’Oréal and Sky and is a much sought-after speaker. She has received an honorary doctorate as well as multiple awards and accolades for her work as a disability activist.

Being one of the judges is a genuine honour because learning about all the individuals who are striving to put disability inclusion on the map and elevating our community’s presence is hugely exciting, moving, energising and hopeful. It is incredibly important to live the change we want to see happen and often that isn’t as easy as it looks. To constantly and consistently turn up and be yourself while driving change for others is often so much harder than it looks. I hope that everyone on this list, can just take a moment to know how much they and their work are appreciated. Huge heartfelt congratulations to every single one of you and thank you to the Shaw Trust for giving these game changers a moment to know how important both they and their work are. Keep trucking legends. Together we are an unstoppable force for change