Dr Gregory Burke

Employment & Discrimination Barrister, Founder and Chair of AccessAble.co.uk

Politics and Law
Picture of Dr Gregory Burke

A wheelchair user from 16 years old, Gregory is a multiple award-winning scholar achieving an MA, MPhil and PhD from King’s College, Cambridge.

While a student, in 2000, he founded DisabledGo, later named AccessAble.co.uk, in response to a national consultation Gregory conducted as to why disabled people were so excluded from society. He learned an array of information that many disabled people need to know in order to feel confident in accessing a venue: from the direction doors open, the surface of flooring, how far to walk, to the degree of lighting at reception and much more on a pan-impairment basis.

21 years on, AccessAble provides Detailed Access Guides to nearly 400 large organisations including 110 universities, 100 local authorities, 70 NHS Trusts and national businesses. In 2020, 1.8 million disabled people used AccessAble.co.uk. AccessAble employs 65 people, turning over £3 million.

While Gregory was Chief Executive of AccessAble, he trained as a Barrister. He was called to the Bar in 2012. By 2017 he was Head of Employment Law at 7 Bedford Row leading a team of 28 Barristers; possibly the youngest ever Head of Team at a Leading Set in terms of ‘call’. He works predominately on employment and discrimination cases, while remaining Chair of AccessAble.

His legal expertise and lived insight of disability, combined with that of hundreds of others, has led AccessAble to now provide online training and consultancy support to help organisations tackle the societal barriers facing disabled people.


“I am both delighted and grateful to be part of the Disability Power 100. I would urge any disabled person to use this list as part of your network to advance your career and ambitions. Everyone here passionately believes in the inclusion of disabled people and how society benefits hugely from disabled people’s talent and shared experience: from business to art; law to politics; education to sport and everything else in between! If I can help you in anyway, please consider this to be a standing invitation to get in touch.”