Picture of Molly Watt

Molly Watt

Accessibility and Usability Consultant, Keynote Speaker and Blogger, Molly Watt Talks

Molly Watt (25) is widely known in the world of accessibility. A young independent entrepreneur who frequently consults designers, web developers and UX experts on the subject of inclusion.

Molly speaks from experience, she has Usher Syndrome, born severely deaf and from the age of 12 had to deal with a progressive sight loss and was registered blind at 14 years old. As a result, she has been actively involved in the subject of inclusion through her work as an accessibility consultant.

In addition, she set up a charity in her name to raise awareness of Usher Syndrome and to give others with the same condition a voice and a platform to share their experiences.

Molly has been actively involved in building a community around the world of accessibility, drawing her motivation and knowledge from her experiences and the stories of others impacted by exclusion.

Molly has worked with large organisations in the UK and around the world opening minds to the importance of accessibility to and for all.

Proud to have been an influencer behind the scenes, Molly thrives on finding ways that lead to inclusion.

Alongside her work she mentors young people living with Usher Syndrome often struggling to come to terms with their condition and assists with fundraising and Usher Syndrome related projects.

Molly believes understanding leads to support and inclusion and is very clear that where there is a will there is always a way, sometimes it just takes a little time to find it!