Rachel Charlton-Dailey

Freelance journalist and founder and Editor-in-chief of The Unwritten

Digital, Media and Publishing 
Picture of Rachel Charlton-Dailey

Rachel is a freelance writer and journalist, specialising in health issues that affect disabled people, disability rights and social justice issues. She writes deeply personal essays about what life is like for her living with conditions such as lupus, arthritis, endometriosis, depression and dyspraxia, in the hope of not only raising awareness but to help others feel less alone. She also writes timely commentary on social and political issues affecting disabled people, along with features that highlight important parts of the disabled experience.

Her work has featured in publications including BBC News, HuffPost, Metro UK, Healthline and Stylist.

In 2020 Rachel founded The Unwritten, an online publication for disabled people to share their stories without being filtered to accommodate abled people, and to give them a voice, show that they are valid and that their stories deserve to be told. The Unwritten publishes a diverse range of stories and voices that Rachel wishes she had when she was growing up disabled, but also that she loves to read herself.

Rachel’s main goal in her work is highlighting the issues disabled people face that often are seen as less newsworthy, for example sexuality to the ‘Do Not Resuscitate notices’ during the pandemic. But ultimately, she does it to improve the lives of the disabled community and ensure that we are not forgotten.

“By amplifying disabled voices I want to show the world that disabled people matter and all our stories deserve to be told.”