Shani, an asian woman with short stature is stood behind a big bunch of flowers and next to Alex Brooker, who is wearing a blue suit. The screen behind has a black and white image of Shani and her name written in white text.

Dr Shani Dhanda crowned Disability Power 100 winner

Published 9th November 2023

Yesterday we held our annual #DisabilityPower100 event in Wembley. We were immensely pleased to be able to bring together the most influential disabled people and disability-led organisations in Britain. The event was attended by over 250 guests, and guests were also able to attend virtually via our Livestream. 

The night was filled with energy, enthusiasm, jubilation and contemplation, as guests celebrated achievements, while also discussing what more needs to be done. What are the next steps? 

Dr Shani Dhanda was crowned this year’s overall winner.

Video Description: Shani, a South Asian disabled woman, is wearing a green printed dress, black tights and black ankle boots. She is stood on the stage at the Disability Power 100 event holding a microphone and doing her winner’s speech. The screen behind reads “Dr Shani Dhanda, Winner”. Captions run on the bottom of the screen.

A huge congratulations to all our winners and finalists this year. You can find details on all of their achievement here:

Another big thank you to our wonderful host, Alex Brooker. As a member of the Disability Power Hall of Fame, it was brilliant to share the room with you once again.

Finally a massive thank you to our wonderful sponsors; Amazon, Channel 4, Differently Enabled, Google, ICONI Software, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, Nimbus Disability and Xerox.

The Disability Power 100 is about demanding change, and it was a delight to have finalists, winners, organisations, politicians and community members join together. Collaboration is power, we need to have conversations to make progress, and we think that our event last night provided a fantastic starting point for that. 

We can’t wait to share our highlights video with you! 

A photo from the back of the event room. There are pink and purple lights and people sat at the back around tables and in the front on rows of chairs. The screen behind the stage is red with white text "Welcome to the Disability Power 100 2023."

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